Absolutely nobody likes to deal with shoulder pain…

…whether from injury, surgery, or simply overdoing an exercise. Your shoulder health is crucial so you can perform day-to-day activities or practice sports such as swimming, surfing or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

You need your shoulder for basic movements to more complex ones. By adding shoulder mobility exercises to your routine, you will improve shoulder health. Hands down. You can roll, stretch and try other methods, but the best bang for your buck to resolve shoulder pain is do shoulder mobility movements.

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The Shoulder Basics:

A niggle pain in the shoulder is a sign that you need to improve your shoulder mobility, strength or flexibility. To learn more about the difference between these, let’s look at the shoulder and its functions.

When you think about shoulder pain, you may pinpoint a specific area in the shoulder, especially when lifting your arm up or sideways. That little niggle you feel has a lot to do with your scapula. In part, this can be true as the scapula is a big part of the shoulder, its functions, and the movement.

The shoulder is a very complex area, where you have the scapula and the AC joint of the shoulder and all its attached tendons.

Including a range of exercises to target those different areas is super important for shoulder health and at the Holistica Academy you will find a range of exercises to target the shoulder and other areas. You can trial the Holistica Academy for FREE for 14 Days here. Adding targeted shoulder exercises will help with shoulder pain and injury, so you can perform your best, pain-free.

The 5 Best
Shoulder Mobility Exercises

For Pain-Free Shoulders, Today.

When it comes to shoulder mobility, the main focus is the ability of the shoulder joint to move through a full range of movement. For example, when you are paddling for a wave, you need to perform an entire shoulder movement from paddling to pushing your hands on the board so you can stand up. All this movement requires a range of muscles and joints to function well, so you don’t feel pain in the shoulder.

By doing specific shoulder mobility exercises, you will help build strength and mobility to shoulder muscles and joints, consequently helping perform movements pain-free, for example, paddling for a wave.

The best way to start is by warming up the area. Let’s look at the best shoulder mobility exercises to get you started.


#1. Scapula Capsule STRETCH:

This exercise is excellent for when you’re about to jump in the water. Performing the scapula capsule will help to warm up the shoulders by increasing blood flow to the area. By doing this exercise, you will also improve upper body flexibility.

Watch: Rod performing Scapula Capsule Stretch 02:38 

Shoulder capsule stretch lying down - best shoulder mobility exercise


#2. Scapula Push-Ups and Rotation

Activating the scapula is essential when it comes to shoulder health. By doing the scapula push up and rotation, you will straightway activate your scapula. These two exercises will help warm up the region before starting any activity that requires the shoulder. This is a great exercise to add before surfing or swimming as you activate the scapula for those important arm/shoulder paddling movements.

Watch: Rod performing Scapula Push up and Rotation 03:35 

top shoulder mobility exercises - scapula push up and scapula rotations



#3. Swimmers:

The swimmer’s mobility exercise is great to give your shoulders full rotation movement. This exercise helps to warm up the shoulders area by activating the scapula, muscles and tendons. Swimmers are great to be performed before Jiu-jitsu, surfing or swimming to warm up the shoulder, chest and back area.

Watch: Rod performing Swimmers: 05:25

shoulder swimmers exercise



#4. Shoulder Table

This mobility exercise is great to warm not only the shoulder but also the pectoral area. As the pec is also part of the shoulder, the Shoulder Table will give excellent blood flow to the shoulders and chest. This exercise is also great to be performed when you do pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, as it helps to send blood flow to the area and potentially avoid future shoulder pain.

Watch: Rod performing Shoulder Table:06:39

Shoulder Tables Exercise - best shoulder mobility exercises



#5. Banded Dislocates

All you need for this exercise is a resistance band. This exercise is known as shoulder dislocation. The banded dislocates is great to test your shoulder mobility as well. You can perform this exercise before hitting the water to give your shoulder a full warm-up.

Watch: Rod performing Banded Dislocates 07:43 

banded shoulder dislocates exercises


By adding all these shoulder mobility exercises, you will massively improve your mobility and shoulder flexibility. You will also notice a significant improvement if you have a shoulder injury or shoulder pain.



How often should you do all of them?

It really depends on you and how much time you have to do them. This sequence of shoulder mobility exercises will take only about 10min of your day. If you are committed to doing them every day, you should see a big difference in shoulder movement, mobility and flexibility. 

Remember, the shoulder is a complex body part that connects many muscles and tendons. It’s crucial that you look after your shoulder to prevent injury and to help with niggle pain that you may experience from time to time. For more exercises targeting the shoulder and upper body you can trial the Holistica Academy Free for 14 Days. 


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