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Equip Your Organisation With The Art Of Longevity

Elevate your team’s performance and wellbeing. 

Our workshops and keynotes deliver practical tools and techniques for leading a healthy and happy life, professionally and personally.

Attendees are given motivating and inspirational blueprint for living a healthy lifestyle, promoting mindfulness and meditation, and finding balance in their lives.

If you are looking to transform your work culture, invest in employee wellbeing, or foster a positive work environment, our Workshops and Keynotes are the perfect solution for you.

Your team will receive:

🔷 Practical tools to live a healthier and happier life, both professionally and personally.

🔷 Techniques to stay focused and active at work, such as stretching and breathing exercises that can easily fit into busy schedules.

🔷 Solutions to manage work-related stress, anxiety, and depression.

🔷 Essential teachings on how to prioritising our health, outlining the performance benefits of doing so, and practical steps to achieve it.

Longevity With Legends

Under the expert guidance of Tom Carroll – 2x World Surfing Champ & Rodrigo Perez – Founder of Holistic Pro Health and Author of The Art of Longevity book, get ready to provide your team with the blueprint to a more productive, healthier and happier life.
Tom Carroll
Rod Perez

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Unlock the Secrets to Healthier, Happier Teams

As corporate professionals, we often become so engrossed in our work that we must remember to care for ourselves. We spend long hours at the office, skip meals, ignore our bodies’ needs, and tend to burn out at a relatively young age.

The key to a rewarding, happy and productive life is hard work but also learning to balance between work and health. Our workshop and keynotes for corporates provide your team members with practical tools to live a healthier and happier life, both professionally and personally.

Enhancing Productivity and Life-Quality Through Proven Holistic Approaches

With thousands of event attendees, participants learn the importance of regular exercise, balanced food, and sound sleep habits. 

Incorporating these practices into daily routines can enhance energy levels, productivity, and emotional well-being among corporate employees.

Mental Fitness To Prevent Burnout

The Art of Longevity Corporate Workshops also address mental health issues and provide practical solutions to manage and prevent work-related stress, anxiety, and depression. Promoting mindfulness and meditation can help individuals achieve optimal performance and prevent burnout. Participants are taught various visualisation techniques and ways to manage challenging work situations that can lead to stress or burnout.

Motivation To Take Ownership of Health and Wellbeing

Keynote sessions on the art of longevity are designed to inspire and motivate corporate professionals to take charge of their health and wellbeing. The keynotes deliver essential messages about prioritising oneself, outlining the benefits of doing so, and giving practical steps. Tom and Rod discuss their journey towards longevity and provide insights into their daily routines and habits that result in a healthy lifestyle.

Radically Transform Your Business Culture, and Benefit Your Teams

  • Build resilience
  • Foster a positive work culture
  • Create a work environment that promotes work-life balance
  • Improve productivity
  • Benefit from greater employee satisfaction and loyalty

What could your organisation achieve with unlimited potential?

Maximise body, mind and true potential.

Learn the foundation blocks of longevity and wellbeing.

Stack up the benefits of better movement and living.


Countless high-level athletes have worked with Rod & Tom. See some of them below.

Thalison Soares
Silvana Lima
Alex Hayes
Jack Robinson
Jack Freestone
Matthew McGillivray
Tom Carroll
Adriano De Souza
Felipe Toledo
Gabriel Medina
Kris Colley
Ricardo Christie

Meet Your Corporate Wellness Guides

Tom Carroll


Tom is a former professional surfer and has practiced daily meditation for over a decade. During the retreat he will be teaching you the Vedic traditions as well as simple fundamentals which can be implemented into your daily practice.

“I think connecting with the breath is probably the biggest thing for me. Being aware of my breath and doing a number of breaths very, very consciously brings me further into my body, and that’s where I need to be.

Meditation synchronises us with nature and with our innate intelligence. It guides us and helps us show up and enjoy life in a much greater way. I am stoked to be able to share this with you”


Rodrigo Perez


Rod has helped and trained countless pro athletes, from pro tour surfers to everyday people. His Holistica movement method and surf movement has helped many of his athletes improve the way they move, become aware of their body, improve nutrition, their training and ultimately become more durable and achieve optimal longevity.

“Optimal longevity is what we are looking for these days. To be smart with what we are doing so we can keep doing what we love.

Whether you are a ‘life athlete’, a professional one or a coach, the reality is that we all need to look after our bodies and minds so that we all can live optimum, pain-free, productive, and playful lives.”

Listen to Rod Online

The Art Of Longevity Book - Available Now!

Your Practical Guide to Total Mind and Body Wellness.

This book will provide you with all the tools to bring you back into equilibrium with your whole self and return you to your passions – fit and focussed, living with joy and purpose, through every season of life.



These workshops have been designed for all people of all categories – regardless of what athletic pursuit or where you are in life – there are plenty of takeaways to help you get the most out of life.

Corporate teams benefit greatly when they have the tools and practical frameworks to improve the health and wellbeing, ensuring improved health, life-satisfaction and more. Ultimately improving performance across an array of areas in life – both work and play.

Anyone looking to learn more about improving the longevity of their mind and body – this is the session for you!

Depending on your organisation’s chosen structure of the workshops/keynotes, attendees may be asked to bring some activewear/clothes you can move freely in. Normally we ask attendees to please bring a bottle of water, a towel and comfortable clothes to move, breath and meditate.

Corporate wellness is crucial for promoting employee health, reducing healthcare costs, boosting productivity, and creating a positive work environment. It enhances job satisfaction, retention, and overall company success.

Corporate wellness encompasses programs and initiatives aimed at enhancing employees’ physical and mental well-being. It includes health education, fitness activities, stress management, and more. Companies benefit through improved productivity, reduced healthcare costs, and higher job satisfaction. By prioritizing employee health, businesses create a positive and effective work environment.

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Your Practical Guide to Total Mind and Body Wellness.