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The Art of Longevity 30 Day Challenge

Online training to prevent injury, relieve pain and have you living a life of longevity.

Welcome to The Art of Longevity 30 Day Challenge

“ Optimal longevity is what we are looking for these days. Be smart with what we are doing to keep doing what we love.”

Over the last 2 decades, I realised that an increasing number of people from all ages and backgrounds abandon an active life due to injuries, stressful lifestyle, poor diets, or even because they reached a plateau in their sports career. I see these people falling into two kinds of categories: the professional athletes, who compete and make a living from their sport, and those who I call ‘life athletes’. The ‘life athletes’ are those who, despite not making a living from their sport, need to balance their workload with family time, their social lives and the activities they love. Whether you are a ‘life athlete’, a professional one or a coach, the reality is that we all need to look after our bodies and minds so that we can live optimum, pain-free, productive, and playful lives.

Let’s Move Well, Move Stronger and Move for your entire life.