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The Holistica Movement® Level 01 Certification

Learn and teach the Holistica Movement Method.

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Holistic Movement level 01

During the Holistica Movement Method® level 01 course, you will learn how to:

Access body movements in different plans and how to perform some basic movements to maintain healthy joints and spine, which in turn, improves overall mobility and performance flow.

Improve movement, breathing, core activation and flow to address the roots causes of pains, poor alignment and performance.

Increase training efficiency and effectiveness through choosing the right movements for yourself and your clients.

Introductory Movements

getting Started

Below I describe the skills developed and the main goals of each of the exercises presented. I also share the main pointers on how to improve form, execution and energy efficiency (to achieve more can be achieved with less training). When performed correctly, all the exercises described below will help improve coordination, balance, mobility, flexibility, flow, strength and endurance for everyday life and sports.

Because they are performed in different planes and axis these exercises will also develop better spine awareness and flow of the 4 main joints (ankle, knee, hip and shoulder), which in turn improves the performance of both everyday and sport specific movements, preventing injuries and promoting a pain free life and training routine.

Whether you are a lifestyle or a professional athlete the Holistica Movement® Level 01 movements will help you improve both your training and performance at yoga, tennis, soccer, rugby, running, cycling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and surf (just to mention a few). Below I list some of the skills developed and honoured in some of the main sports with the practice of Holistica Movement® Level 01:

  • Back, shoulder and neck rehabilitation from bad posture.
  • Improves desk posture (sitting position).
  • Improves cycling posture.
  • Improve ankle mobility and hamstring flexibility, which prevents lower back pain.
  • Improves running strike, soccer kicks, and trunk twist.
  • Increases freedom of movement to paddle (surf).
  • Refines coordination to improve the ‘pop up’ movement (standing up on the surfboard).
  • Improves standing posture while surfing
    Improves swimming strokes’ coordination and rhythm.
  • Increases mobility, flexibility, flow and strength for yoga poses.
  • Activates and strengthens the foundation of most sports and daily activities


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Movement examples

Elephant Walking
Dive Jump Squat
Side Crawling
Straight Crawling
Straight Arm Core Integration
Diving Push Core Activation
Lizard Beginner
4 Point Hip Twist
BJJ Hip Mobility
Twist Stance
Table Shoulder
Reverse Plank