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the 12 Week Surf Movement training Program

Online training to prevent injury, relieve pain and have you living a life of longevity.

Welcome to the Surf Movement 12 Week Program

Over the last 2 decades, I realised that an increasing number of people of all ages and backgrounds abandon an active life due to injuries, stressful lifestyle, poor diets, or even because they reached a plateau in their sports career. I see these people falling into two kinds of categories: the professional athletes, who compete and make a living from their sport, and those who I call ‘life athletes’. The ‘life athletes’ are those who, despite not making a living from their sport, need to balance their workload with family time, their social lives and the activities they love. Whether you are a ‘life athlete’, a professional one or a coach, the reality is that we all need to look after our bodies and minds so that we can live optimum, pain-free, productive, and playful lives. I have spent the past few weeks writing this program with love and passion for you legends and look forward to hearing about your results and improvement. Please share your feedback with us and don’t be shy to ask any questions should you have them. Everything you need to know about the program will be explained over the next few pages. I hope that you enjoy your new journey and take your surfing to the next level! If you have any questions please contact me on

Let’s Move Well, Move Stronger and Move for your entire life of Surfing.

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