Hey Rod, Great Stuff! I have been doing your 12 Week Surf Program over a period of time and it’s great to see how you put it all together in a sequenced session. Also thanks for doing the six weeks of instagram sessions. It’s Very Generous of you 🙌

Hey Rod, literally just rode some wet leaves down my back steps. Just told my wife that I would have been in hospital if it wasn’t for your training. 🙏🏼

Your exercises added with my strength bands and free weights have really made a difference. With COVID I haven’t been gymming just working out at home. I have had thoracic and hip for 15 years. 

Gone!! Really!!

Hey there 😃 First of all I would like to say that I am following you guys for two years and your definitely the best of the best! I am using the surf program and the Holistica Academy and it has changed my fitness life! So thank you ❤️


I’ve been doing some awesome work with @holisticprohealth which is focused on performance and has been helping me a lot to understand about myself and helping me to improve my performance. 

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