Longevity Workshop

Join 2 x Surfing World Title winner and 3 x Pipe Master Thomas Carroll and founder of the Holistica Movement Method Rod Perez for a journey through breath and flow with The Art of Longevity: Flow and Breath Workshop.

A journey through breath and flow.

During this workshop you will have the opportunity to experience and engage with Surfing legend and  2x World Surfing Champion, Thomas Carroll. As well as the Holistic Coach Rodrigo Perez founder of the Surf Movement method and Holistic Pro Health.

The 3 hour workshop has been designed for both surfers and non surfers. 

Tom is a former professional surfer and has practiced daily meditation for over a decade. During the workshop he will be teaching you the Vedic traditions as well as  simple fundamentals which  can be implemented into your daily practice.

“Meditation synchronises us with nature and with our innate intelligence. It guides us and helps us show up and enjoy life in a much greater way. I am stoked to be able to share this with you” 

“I think connecting with the breath is probably the biggest thing for me. Being aware of my breath and doing a number of breaths very, very consciously brings me further into my body, and that’s where I need to be.” 

The daily practice of meditation helps anyone be present in what they’re doing, it’s where our body, mind and attention is really placed upon the most important thing – the “right now.


Rod has helped and trained many surfers from pro tour athletes and groms through to the everyday athlete as well as non surfers. His Holistica movement method and surf movement has helped many of his athletes improve the way they move, become aware of their body, improve nutrition, their training and ultimately become more durable and achieve optimal longevity. 

“ Optimal longevity is what we are looking for these days. Be smart with what we are doing to keep doing what we love.”

Over the last 2 decades, I realised that an increasing number of people from all ages and backgrounds abandon an active life due to injuries, stressful lifestyle, poor diets, or even because they reached a plateau in their sports career. I see these people falling into two kinds of categories: the professional athletes, who compete and make a living from their sport, and those who I call ‘life athletes’. The ‘life athletes’ are those who, despite not making a living from their sport, need to balance their workload with family time, their social lives and the activities they love. Whether you are a ‘life athlete’, a professional one or a coach, the reality is that we all need to look after our bodies and minds so that we can live optimum, pain-free, productive, and playful lives.


Please bring a bottle of water, towel and comfortable clothes to move, breath and meditate. A nourishing organic vegetarian meal will be provided at the end of the session.


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