I signed up but cannot access my account

During the account sign-up process, you may have omitted the “create account” step, which is essential for linking the user email and account setup to the subscription plan.

In such cases, when users skip the “create account” step, they sign up as anonymous and are listed as unregistered users in our system.

To address this issue, please try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve.

—Step 1. Log out of the app. (you must log out before proceeding to the next steps).

—Step 2. Go to the account tab and click “Join Now”. You may also see this info if you click on any video to play.

—Step 3. On the subscription screen, click “Already a Subscriber”

—Step 4. On the Sign into your account screen click “Restore Purchase”

Part 2

In the event you receive an error message when you click “restore purchase” please screenshot and email to support@holisticph.com so we can review and correct based on the error that has been received.

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